Why Buy a Luxury Vehicle?

November 8th, 2023 by

INFINITI stands out as a luxury brand in the world of automobiles. Investing in one of its vehicles rewards you with superb quality that you won’t get in lesser brands. But is the purchase worth the higher-than-average cost? Here are just some of the reasons why buying luxury at INFINITI Palm Springs is worth the money

Prestigious Brand Name

The INFINITI name carries cache and is a symbol of luxury throughout the world. Owning one of its vehicles marks you as a successful individual whose hard work has afforded you the means to own such a prestigious model. In certain professions, such as real estate, banking, or high-tech, such upscale transportation is demanded by your clients because it signifies your success and competence in your line of work.

Advanced Safety

While you can’t put a price on the safety of you and your family, a luxury car protects its riders with superior design, durable and well-engineered materials, and the latest driver assists.

Consider the INFINITI QX60, for example. Its Around View® Monitor system produces a virtual bird’s-eye view of your surroundings so that you can maneuver with confidence in tight spaces. Its Intelligent Cruise Control practically drives the vehicle by adjusting speed so you’re at a safe distance from the next car. Lane Departure Prevention helps center you in the lane and Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection can stop your vehicle before it hits someone or something.

Top Performance

Because luxury models use advanced engineering and powerful engines, they are fun to drive. They offer responsive handling, a smooth and supple ride, and the power to effortlessly pass on the highway or carry a heavy load.

The INFINITI Q60 is one such high-performing head-turner. Its available 3.0-liter Twin-Turbo V6 explodes with 350 pound-feet of torque, thanks to a turbo speed sensor, Direct Injection, water-cooled air charging, and advanced turbine blade design. Adapting instantly to road issues, available Dynamic Digital Suspension continually adjusts while allowing you to choose between a comfortable journey to a thrill ride with the flick of a switch.

High-Quality Comfort

Because they use top-quality materials such as leather upholstery and wood trim, encourage customization with power adjustments, and are engineered to provide more interior space, luxury models pamper you with comfort that is out of reach of the average car.

Even from a distance, the INFINITI Q80 impresses with an elegant exterior that can include forged aluminum wheels, distinctive running balls, and satin chrome trim. When you enter the three-row cabin, you can relax on two-tone semi-aniline leather seats that is surrounded by open-pore Ash wood trim. The first row can get built-in cooling and heating, and you can store the settings for the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and side-view mirror in memory.

Latest Technology

Technologies for communication, information, and entertainment abound in modern cars. They keep you connected to family and work, even while you’re still on the highway. But they generally appear first in luxury vehicles before they trickle down to the average jalopy.

Just check out what’s available in the INFINITI Q50. Its Dual Display screens present multimedia functions at the top and the most current information about your vehicle. INFINITI Intuition™ lets you customize your digital environment by storing settings for climate control, Navigation settings, audio, and information technology in the INFINITI Intelligent Key. Use your voice to control audio systems or specify destinations for turn-by-turn directions. You can even connect to your compatible smartphone, so that you can make phone calls or access your contact list.

Worry-Free Maintenance

When you buy a luxury vehicle, you get more than a transportation machine. You get a complete system of warranties and maintenance that is formulated to keep you on the road rather than in our service department. Basic coverage alone on an INFINITI lasts for four years or 60,000 miles while the guaranty on the seat belts lasts 10 years and for an unlimited number of miles.

As part of the Total Ownership Experience®, you get access of 24-hour/365-day-a-year Roadside Assistance that takes care of everything from a flat tire or a breakdown. Have an issue with your vehicle? Then push the INFINITI Personal Assistant button and access a team of professionals to answer questions or perform tasks.

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